How Technology impact Procurement in 2017? The 5 main challenges for smoother e-procurement and supply chain! | Vroozi

Holiday Shopping Tech: Old vs. New

Which Technologies Are Emerging in Holiday Shopping? Procurement Solutions for Consumers & Businesses Online and mobile shopping have unquestionably changed how we shop, but what’s next? Technology today is progressing at an unprecedented rate and retail sales is often at the center of driving new [...]

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Machine Learning for Better Procurement

Machine Learning for Procurement Systems Manufacturing Technology The procure to pay process extends far beyond simple purchasing. Suppliers are all looking to improve their time cycle. New manufacturing and machine learning technology is providing companies with better means of production. Machine learning is an incredible [...]

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3 Technologies for Better Business Travel

P2P Software On-the-Go Business Travelers Use Mobile Tech & Procurement Software With today’s technology, you can do nearly everything from your mobile device. Business travel can be exhausting, but mobile technology can ease the burden of travel by streamlining and simplifying what you need to [...]

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3 Tips for Communicating with Remote Teams

Communication is Key for Remote Workers in E-Procurement How Remote Procure to Pay Teams Can Be Successful In personal and business relationships alike, communication is key. While remote work offers many benefits to workers and companies alike, it also can provide a barrier to communication. [...]

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Top Vroozi Procurement Tweets of 2017

Procurement Solutions on Social Media Best of Vroozi Purchase Order Software Tweets We love connecting with you through social media! Here are some of our top tweets from 2017. Follow along on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Did you catch last week's Vroozi posts? Mobile Drives [...]

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What Can Your Spend Analytics Tell You?

How to Use Spend Data to Improve Spending Recent Analytics Reveal Interest Spending and Procurement Patterns Register for a Demo Today. Spend analytics are only as valuable as real results and actions they provide. Vroozi works to make sure we get our clients the right [...]

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