Vroozi’s mobile procurement platform is used by companies of all sizes across all industries and offers them all an efficient, fast, intuitive solution for improving their procurement productivity and spend management. Vroozi is designed for companies who want to empower their employees, connect with their suppliers and remain connected to their unified eProcurement platform from anywhere.

Vroozi’s Mobile
Procurement Vision

Vroozi’s solutions reflect our core vision, the belief that enterprise procurement can leverage consumer shopping technology to empower their employees, improve supplier relationship management and redefine the way procurement builds success in an organization.

About Us

Everyone is Our Customer

Vroozi isn’t just for the procurement leaders or the catalog management professionals or the tech-savvy personnel; Vroozi is for the entire organization. We strive to bring better business purchasing to all, and we focus on designing all of our procurement and catalog management solutions with every employee in mind.

Transparent Business Relationship

Vroozi believes in building and maintaining a trusted business relationship between all supply chain partners. Our designers work alongside both buyers and sellers to gather data and improve the customer experience.

Innovate Continuously

At Vroozi, we never stop looking for way to improve ourselves and our offerings. Consumer shopping systems seem to pop up every day, but Vroozi remains ahead of the curve by continuously improving, optimizing and innovating our procure-to-pay technology so that you always have the best solution at your disposal.

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