Enhance Employee Adoption and Ease SAP SRM – S4 Transition

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Many companies who’ve invested in SAP® to streamline procurement functions for greater efficiency and performance are now looking to generate even more value. The good news: increasing user adoption to enhance the value of your investment in SAP® SRM does not require a complete system replacement. Instead, organizations can add a nimble, flexible catalog extension that works seamlessly with existing systems and provides a modern, first-class user experience within SAP®.

We’re finding that many SAP® customers who have been using our catalog functionality are now planning to leverage it to bridge the S4 transition. Our catalog extension works with both SRM and S4 and can streamline the transition from the two systems with limited impact to users and the buying experience. No re-integration needed. Maintaining user adoption during the transition will be critical for maximizing procurement value and spend under management.

Here are three key procurement benefits you can reap by augmenting SAP® SRM with a modern marketplace and catalog system, while ensuring a smooth transition to S4.

1. Grow user adoption and value

Employees will do what they need to be productive and efficient – including dodging your procurement processes and technology. Your tech needs to be user friendly and highly accessible to ensure high adoption rates, which is directly correlated with risk, savings leakage, compliance and spend under management. A catalog extension that augments your existing ERP adds to your investment and boosts employee adoption by making it easier to use and access. It also gives procurement greater visibility and insight. When this happens, everybody wins – you maintain control and your employees buy-in.

2. Modernize the buying experience

Employees want easy access to the goods and services they need to run the business. This means leveraging a modern tool that makes the process as simple as their favorite shopping platforms, like Amazon and Google. By implementing a cloud-based marketplace, users can easily find and purchase goods from pre-approved vendors and take advantage of pre-negotiated discounts – anytime, anywhere and from any device.

As many businesses adjust to working remotely, digital platforms become even more essential. With such tools, employees can operate all procurement needs from home or any mobile location and keep the business running.

3. Increase spend under management and control

Modernizing your procurement and ERP suite leads to improved spend controls and visibility – which means less maverick buying, less spend with unauthorized suppliers and stronger bottom-line results. Armed with data around both current and historical spend, CPOs are equipped to make smarter decisions about investments, budgets, suppliers and more. Additionally, with an extension for SAP SRM, requisitions, purchases, invoices and payments can be tracked centrally and electronically, eliminating errors and overpayments.

As SAP® SRM shops transition to SAP® S4, they need to make it as easy and seamless as possible for users. Modern front-end catalog applications serve as a valuable bridge during or after the shift is made.

Learn more about how to modernize your existing procurement processes with this checklist from Vroozi CEO Joe Fox and Spend Matters: Procurement Checklist: How to Boost Employee Adoption of Technology and Maximize Value.