Vroozi + Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite users: the financial benefits your organization receives just got even better. Our digital procurement and invoice management platform – now NetSuite certified – includes a native integration that complements NetSuite and creates even more value.

Despite the power and functionality of NetSuite, it’s possible your company is still dealing with the pains, inefficiencies and costs that come with manual, paper-based financial and accounts payable processes. This is typical for most mid-market and growing organizations. The problem: paper-based processes make it difficult for your employees to purchase the goods they need and for finance and procurement to maintain control over your corporate spend. In other words, it costs you time, money and visibility.

Our vision is to put finance and procurement teams back in control with digitization. With this in mind, we developed a new SuiteApp using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Computing Platform that combines fully digital purchasing and accounts payable with a robust supplier marketplace. The extension features an easy-to-use, plug-and-play interface that enables organizations of any size to better manage spend, control costs and increase efficiencies.

There are four key components of our new NetSuite procurement offering:

  1. Modern and Digital Supplier Marketplace, which makes it easier for employees to find and buy what they need, from approved suppliers, quickly and at the right price
  2. Digital Purchasing, which increases control by centralizing purchase requisitions, POs, approvals and more in single platform
  3. Electronic Invoice Management, which enables you to seamlessly capture, manage, approve, track, control and confirm incoming vendor invoices and bills digitally
  4. Automated Accounts Payable, which reduces the costs, resources, time and errors associated with AP

Imagine the ability to digitize key procurement processes – think requisitions and approvals, purchase orders, electronic invoice processing, payment status, vendor collaboration and transactions. Now you can, at any time and from anywhere.

Our remotely accessible, cloud-based solution helps financial leaders increase financial control, lower costs for goods and services, increase spend transparency, boost employee adoption and uncover insights to help make better financial decisions.

Let’s face it: in today’s market, the more financial control, the better. So, why not leverage a tool that can seamlessly drive efficiencies, savings and value within your existing procurement process, and make your NetSuite deployment even more powerful? Get Vroozi for NetSuite and start experiencing the benefits today!

For more information about Vroozi’s extension for NetSuite, check out our listing on SuiteApp.com or visit here.

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