Joe Fox
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Joe is responsible for driving Vroozi’s overall business, including growth, operations, vision, and strategy. Joe brings over 30 years of global business consulting and software experience, with 20 years spent in different areas of the procurement software space. Prior to joining Vroozi, Joe held a number of executive and leadership roles within software companies. He spent more than 12 years within the Procurement and Financial Solutions space starting with SAP Ariba. He first joined Ariba in the pre-IPO era from 1999 to 2001, then again from 2008 thru 2017, during which time Ariba was acquired by SAP. He served in multiple capacities, included consulting, product management, marketing, and innovation, before closing his tenure there as SAP Ariba’s SVP Business Development and Strategy. Joe is an Alumni of the SAP Mentors. In addition to his work at Ariba, Joe held leadership positions with Xign Corporation, worked in Accenture’s procurement and finance BPO strategy group focused on digitizing European customer’s invoice processing, held management consulting roles within Ernst & Young and held the position of COO at Zeavision, a biotech startup in St. Louis. Joe also held the position of Chief Strategy Officer at BirchStreet. Joe has on-going international experience and currently sits on the Paris France based ICC, International Chamber of Commerce, ebusiness advisory panel that publishes advice to the EU and other countries releasing continuous control systems. Joe often donates time speaking about Autism and to advance the institutions dedicated to the education of individuals on the Autism Spectrum including time he spent helping with the SAP Autism at Work program.

Joe lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 4 children. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Rockhurst University, Kansas City. In his free time, Joe likes to go four wheeling in his Jeep Rubicon, dirt bike riding and ride his R1200 Classic BMW along the California coast.