Give your production crew the visibility they need.

Vroozi Discovery is a mobile supplier directory for your Film and TV Productions. Unit Production Managers, Coordinators, and others on set can search for applicable suppliers based on location, category, and other criteria. All Discovery Suppliers are stored in a secure Cloud Directory accessible across phones, tablets, and laptops.


Vroozi Discovery is a fully customizable solution. Everything from branding to technical details like customized policies are all built to fit your studio. Custom images, labels, & in-system announcements are all fit to your needs.

Powerful Search

Vroozi Discovery’s powerful search functionality gets the right suppliers into your users’ hands instantly. Production teams can search by location, category, supplier name, company description, and keywords. Finding what’s right for you has never been easier.


In-system reporting gives users and admins a wide variety of tools to get insight into how users find the right suppliers. Administrators can see activity and last login time for users.

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