Vroozi Marketplace Features-At-A-Glance

One Marketplace, Multiple Views

Security and relevancy are important when allowing anyone in the organization to shop through procurement solutions. This safety feature of the Procurement Marketplace allows any user to access the appropriate content without risk of unauthorized usage or insecurity. System administrators can limit the permissions of certain content views and groups to the applicable users so only the authorized parties are accessing pertinent information.

Search multiple external and internal supplier catalogs from one user interface.

Vroozi Marketplace provides organizations with the capability to search multiple external and internal supplier catalogs from one user interface. Now, employees who request goods and services from an eProcurement system can find anything they need with a federated search and single view across all supplier catalog content. If users have used Google search and Amazon shopping before, they will have no problem shopping on the Vroozi Marketplace—Google for Procurement.

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Why Vroozi Marketplace?

  • Increases contract compliance and reduces maverick spend
  • Improves catalog search experience and usability for end-users
  • Improves and simplifies decision process for catalog orders

  • Faster order processing time
  • Creates supplier visibility, especially for those without an eCommerce presence
  • Eliminates the need for end-user training

Comprehensive content search with precise and relevant results

Internet search engines are fast, accurate, and easy to use. Shouldn’t your business catalog search engine operate the same way? Vroozi’s search engine was created on the premise that enterprise decision-makers should also have a simple, reliable, and intuitive search and procurement tool. Crazy, we know.

Enriched product details with description, image, reviews, policy, and contract ID

Including all the details of a product or service in a single glance makes shopping faster than ever. Without having to navigate away from the chosen item, you can complete an order from one page. The comprehensive details also tell you instantly if the item fits your needs.

Dynamic custom fields give you flexibility

In the world of ERP systems, one size never fits all. Thanks to Vroozi, dynamic custom field support allows you to tailor any field to your liking in a user-friendly CXML or OCI format that showcases the most relevant information for informing your shoppers and suppliers. You can create as many custom fields as needed, all at no additional cost.

Built-in reporting for tracking catalog searches

Vroozi Marketplace tracks every search with every filter and builds reports for easy analysis of your procurement activities. These reports also allow you to find past searches and orders for simplified refilling.

One-click ordering for certain user profiles

For the appropriate users, one-click ordering takes all the annoyance out of frequent tasks. Not having to jump through monotonous hoops, certain specialists can bypass the complexity and complete an order quickly, saving time and money.

Providing the right content to the right audience

Most companies are made up of multiple business units, locations, departments, and countries. Instead of an open marketplace, group all of your catalog content into logical subsets based on Content Views and Content View Groups. This provides secure access to only the content a user is authorized to see and keeps the catalog content maintenance simple with one marketplace.

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