Make it easier for all users to participate in procurement with a smarter approach.

Take casual employees out of the hard-to-use procurement systems that require training. Make it easier for all users to participate in procurement with a smarter approach. If users are able to add items to a shopping list, they should be able to make purchase requests. Faster than writing an email, this revolutionary procurement platform integrates with legacy systems, leaving the complexity to the experts and encouraging company-wide cooperation.

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A mobile-enabled shopping experience for casual users

Everyone knows how to create shopping carts with no training. Where corporate buying gets stuck is when the procurement system asks casual shoppers to fill in the accounting and shipping information. To avoid this frustrating cycle, eliminate the obstacle. Save your procurement or SRM licenses for the power shoppers and easily roll out Purchase Express to 100% of your employee population while driving cost savings.

4-Quick steps to success

Login Anywhere

From any device on any network, employees simply enter the company marketplace URL and their login credentials.

Build a Shopping List

Users can build a shopping list from pre-configured products and services or forms from contracted and approved suppliers.

1) Select from pre-defined products and services

2) Configure items using forms

Send Lists to Power Shoppers

Users build shopping lists and send to Power Shoppers—no accounting details required. With Purchase Express, users create a list and share—that’s it.

Complete Purchase Request

Put the accounting, shipping, and approval details in the hands of the people who know the process and the numbers—Power Shoppers. They can add or edit items in the list. When ready, Power Shoppers return the cart to the procurement system.

Deploying shopping functionality to all employees while keeping the complexity to a few Power Shoppers encourages wide adoption and minimizes user errors.

Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide

In this guide, you will learn the thought process behind:

  • How secure your company data is on mobile devices
  • How the application works on all devices
  • How well the application leverages the devices
  • How you can best leverage mobile procurement to suit your company’s needs
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Purchase Express’ Best Qualities

100% User


Anyone can successfully use Purchase Express from the start. A familiar and intuitive user experience increases user adoption.


Purchasing in the critical path. Pull out your smartphone to purchase from the factory floor, the coffee line or your desk.

Cost Effective
& Flexible


Typical procurement solutions are difficult to use and the licenses are expensive. A simple monthly subscription option reduces training, licenses, IT tickets, and headaches.


People use devices convenient for them. Unfortunately, maintaining a consistent platform across different devices can be a struggle with traditional procurement platforms. Purchase Express adapts to devices automatically, eliminating extra effort and additional costs.


Customers can roll out our Purchase Express to user segments, organizations, departments, locations, etc. A big bang approach is not required.

Productive Behavior


Full participation allows enterprises to take advantage of more spend categories.


This system makes following compliance guidelines impossible to ignore.

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