Vroozi Procurement and Supplier Portal

Happy suppliers mean 100% onboarding for you

We believe that

  • A transparent and collaborative approach with your suppliers is what ultimately drives your procurement success.
  • Suppliers should have an intuitive supplier portal to create invoices and upload catalog content at no cost.
  • Smaller suppliers with no e-commerce presence should be able to participate digitally with customers through our marketplace. Our catalog engine enables you to create a digital suitcase for your customers.
  • For large customers, items should be easily searchable through federated cross-catalog search and supplier cards should be prominently displayed on the landing page. In addition, level 2 punch out takes users
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Empowered suppliers make better business partners

The Vroozi Procurement Portal and Platform give suppliers a one-stop shop to see all their orders and invoices. This transparency allows suppliers to work more closely and effectively with customers. It empowers suppliers to drive their business forward with success and new goals.

Supplier dashboard provides one-stop visibility

A central dashboard shows all the activity and information suppliers may need at any time. Every process is a click away from this central page.

Guided invoice creation with PO flip

We know how to keep the ice cream frozen so to speak. We keep the integrity of an electronic PO and transfer all the information to an electronic invoice. Nothing gets lost with this innovative PO flip process.

Track Order Statuses in One Place

Keep track of all the orders, invoices, and quotes in one place. This helps suppliers better understand how to serve you, the buying organization, most effectively.

Upload new catalog content in minutes

Suppliers can make changes to their inventory at any time and upload new items instantly. All changes to a catalog will be reflected both in the portal and customer marketplaces.

Free for suppliers

Suppliers can use the Vroozi portal at no cost, bringing all the simplification and functionality to both customers and suppliers. This encourages better relationships, more diverse catalogs and increased collaboration.

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Attend one of our weekly procurement platform demos to learn about our Vroozi solutions or experience it yourself with our 30-day free trial. Live environment comes with an Amazon Business integration so you can make purchases from day 1.

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