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Why Mobile Expensing?

Mobile expensing gives your users quick access to easy-to-use expensing. Better compliance gives your business and AP valuable insight into real-time spending. Late expense reports result in your business not having the spend data they need, maybe until it is too late to manage or prepare for budgetary constraints. Vroozi Expense helps the user and the organization work together for better spend management.

If you can take a selfie, you can use Vroozi Expense.

Mobile users appreciate the ease and simplicity Vroozi Expense gives to their expense reports.

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Same procure-to-invoice experience across all devices

“Expensing is critical for businesses to actually see their real-time spend. As we continue to innovate the Vroozi Purchasing Platform, we are always looking ahead to what our current and future clients need most. This Expense module provides the next step in real-time spend insight and control.”

Stephen Olds, President

Expense Reports as Mobile as You Are

Vroozi Expense was built with the end-user in mind. Vroozi knows our users are on-the-go and more mobile than ever.

Fun & Easy Expense Reports?

Expense reports can be a pain. Returning to work after a long work trip, you are left trying to remember how to categorize each expense and organize them into an expense report. Or more likely, the end of the quarter approaches and you dread facing the mounting pile of receipts.

No more carrying receipts with you!

With Vroozi you can save receipts in your Vroozi ‘Wallet’ as you go. You don’t need to carry around a stack of receipts or organize anything at all when you are ready to send in your expense report.

On-the-Go Expense Reports

In fact, submitting expense reports is so easy, you can choose to report as frequently as suits you. By submitting your receipts as you receive them, your company gets better real-time spend analysis.

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