Vroozi Catalog

Create Procurement Catalogs in Minutes.

Modern and Digital Catalogs

Simplify business commerce and boost user adoption by connecting catalogs to any ERP, procurement or financial system. Modern, consumer-like access to digital goods and services makes it easy for employees to find the items needed to run your business.

Empower Your Procurement Team

Build and publish catalog content in minutes.

Increase Spend Management and User Adoption

Modernize the way your employees find and
buy goods and services.

Improve User Adoption

Cut down on rogue purchasing and maverick spending.

Improve Spend Analytics

Ensure that your data is accurate and
enriched for your business.

Product Features

Seamless ERP, SRM and Financial System Integration

Easily integrate with any ERP or financial system, including NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Easily Create Content-Rich Supplier Catalogs

Easily create catalogs with pre-defined templates and drag-and-drop functionality.

Accurate and Automated Data Mapping

Normalize the different terms, codes, categories, currencies and info from various suppliers.

Robust Supplier Search

Find the right supplier by searching via unique characteristics, like diversity, costs, price, industry and product specifications, and more.

Spend Analysis

Centralize spend from multiple catalogs and systems in a single platform so you can more accurately analyze business spend.

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