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The procurement space is matured and the industry has evolved, as a consequence. Every industry faces purchasing issues with suppliers, contracts, spend management and over-billing. In fact, chances are that you have experienced this in your business without even realizing it.

Even if you or your suppliers don’t realize it- clerical mistakes are common, and become very costly.

With Vroozi’s procurement news and trends, our objectives is to bring small businesses and large companies comprehensive insights. The idea is to make your purchases seamless end-to-end.

Procurement News

Procurement Insights – 2016 & 2017

From Procurement Suite to Procurement Management, What do you need to Know?

Too often, your purchasing does not happen in one place. It’s easy to spend more and waste time, thus hurting your productivity. We trust the following links will help you better assess your purchasing requirements and find the right procurement management system.

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> Updated Nov. 1st – 2016