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Analytics: Big Data vs Good Data… Real-time Analytics are fine if you have good data! Big Data is just fine as long as quality is there | Vroozi

What Can Your Spend Analytics Tell You?

How to Use Spend Data to Improve Spending Recent Analytics Reveal Interest Spending and Procurement Patterns Register for a Demo Today. Spend analytics are only as valuable as real results and actions they provide. Vroozi works to make sure we get our clients the right [...]

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Not a Catalog, a Marketplace!

Calalog vs Marketplace Analytics is good... The catalog, the soul of procurement How about the Quality of your Data? Over the past few days, we covered Real-time Analytics and the role of marketplaces... Let's review Vroozi's marketplace! Not a catalog, but a marketplace. The marketplace is [...]

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Vroozi launches in the UK and… France!

Vroozi deploying in Europe UK and and... France with Nessium Consulting! After establishing success in the United States with Fortune 1000 companies with a vast global footprint, Vroozi is proud to now be available in France and Europe in partnership with Nessium Consulting. The mobile-enabled [...]

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