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Artificial intelligence, aka AI, is features with IBM’s Watson: computer science, machine learning, environment and decision taking all-in-one! | Vroozi

Procurement Management Suite: Content First!

Procurement Suite: How about Content Management? The soul of Procurement is the Catalog Management As explained in previous blog posts, any procurement platform handles content in an online catalog. Purchasing and Procurement Professionals know how vital a smart, intuitive and seamless catalog is to suppliers. [...]

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Vroozi Attends CSQ Visionaries Summit

Los Angeles: Sea, Sun and Tech Alliance of Vision and Innovation... Silicon Beach is the place to be! The Los Angeles, California, area is known for its weather, show business and tourism, but it is also a place of great innovation, technology advancement and extraordinary [...]

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Not a Catalog, a Marketplace!

Calalog vs Marketplace Analytics is good... The catalog, the soul of procurement How about the Quality of your Data? Over the past few days, we covered Real-time Analytics and the role of marketplaces... Let's review Vroozi's marketplace! Not a catalog, but a marketplace. The marketplace is [...]

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Top 5 ERP Influencers on Twitter

Are you ERP Ready? ERP such as Oracle, SAP, IBM and NetSuite are Industry Leaders Process, Business Intelligence, ERP Software and Analytics: Big Decisions, Quick! ERP Integrated Applications such a Oracle, SAP and IBM run on artificial intelligence to manage business and automate tasks for [...]

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Big Data VS Good Data 2/3

360° Data and Analytics The catalog is the soul of Procurement 15 reasons... What really matters is the quality of your data! As explained yesterday, the importance of data is vital in today's competitive market. Let's take a concrete example! I worked with an amusement [...]

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Procurement, Tomorrow…

Procurement's Digital Transformation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the ball game in Supply Chain & Procurement ! Disruption is on today's menu! Technology has disrupted nearly every industry in beneficial and sometimes unexpected ways, and it often influences a business from many angles. [...]

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Modern Technology Key to Keeping Top Talent

Modern Technology and Talents Whatever the industry, attracting talents is the key to your success! To succeed in business, one of the most important factors is attaining and retaining high-quality talent. It’s why so many companies invest in rich human resource departments, foster an attractive [...]

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