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Best Catalog Management Solution to bolt onto the existing procurement platform, business application, system or ERP (Oracle, SAP, IMB) | Vroozi

Procurement Management Suite: Content First!

Procurement Suite: How about Content Management? The soul of Procurement is the Catalog Management As explained in previous blog posts, any procurement platform handles content in an online catalog. Purchasing and Procurement Professionals know how vital a smart, intuitive and seamless catalog is to suppliers. [...]

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Catalog Feature: Availability Check

Catalog, Soul of Procurement: Availability Check More than a marketplace, a stunning online catalog! This month we are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement. If you’ve ever been standing in front of the flour at the grocery store and wondered [...]

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Cloud Procurement… by Michael Jud

15 Reasons the Catalog is the Soul of Procurement At the heart of Centralized Procurement This month, Michael Jud are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement >>  Many organizations have offices across a single region, country or the world. For [...]

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Integration is Key to Investment

Integration: Key to Investment in Mobile Procurement Integrate or Replace your ERP? In a previous post, we discussed why an investment in technology takes more consideration than straightforward return on investment and other tangible factors. Vroozi understands that people are the core of a company [...]

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4 Ps of Procurement

4 Ps of Procurement Marketing has its 4 Ps, Procurement Does Too ! We all know about Supply Chain. How About Procurement ? Procurement exists under various forms : Traditional Procurement Taylor-Made Procurement e-Procurement Mobile Procurement We will explain the differences between the solutions listed above [...]

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