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Cloud Procurement Solution: Zoom on Spend Matters Top 50 e-procurement platform and suite – both desktops and mobile devices in the Cloud | Vroozi

How to Measure Procurement Success

Procurement: Setting Goals & Measuring Success How to Find the Right Measures As any successful procurement professional  knows, procurement is not simply about getting the cheapest deal or cutting costs. Each purchasing decision carries a set of requirements that feeds into a larger goal. For [...]

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Procurement System: Checklist and Audit

Any Purchasing Department must run Audits... What is the Procurement Checklist? In a procurement suite, there are ongoing updates with audits. They cover many issues from benefits, features, process, reporting, spend management, compliance and suppliers... However, the first item on our checklist is security and [...]

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LA Tech Summit 2016 in Silicon Beach

LA Tech Summit 2016 in Silicon Beach LA Tech Summit is an ideal place to gain more insight into Silicon Beach by Jessica Ferguson, Brand Ambassador @ Vroozi About The LA Technology Summit in Silicon Beach Meet with Entrepreneurs, Investors, Decision Makers and Influencers... LA [...]

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Cloud Procurement… by Michael Jud

15 Reasons the Catalog is the Soul of Procurement At the heart of Centralized Procurement This month, Michael Jud are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement >>  Many organizations have offices across a single region, country or the world. For [...]

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Integration is Key to Investment

Integration: Key to Investment in Mobile Procurement Integrate or Replace your ERP? In a previous post, we discussed why an investment in technology takes more consideration than straightforward return on investment and other tangible factors. Vroozi understands that people are the core of a company [...]

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Custom Means Efficient

Software as Custom as Your Morning Routine? For Real Efficiency, Go Custom Almost everything we experience is customized to our own wants and needs. An average morning in our technological world looks something like this. You wake up to a sleep-tracking app that wakes you up at [...]

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