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Crowdsourcing: Practice of getting services and ideas via the contribution of a group of people from an online community. Collaborative Procurement | Vroozi

3 Trends in Procurement Digital Transformation

Procurement in the midst of Digital Transformation 3 Procurement Trends to Discover... from Silicon Beach! Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide >> P.O. Captured in One Place Typically, a purchase order would live many lives in many forms through many interdepartmental journeys. With a mobile procurement platform, a [...]

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Crowdsourced Procurement : Definition

Pros and Cons of Crowdsourced Procurement Budgets, Spend Management and Collaboration are Key to Procurement Crowdsourced Procurement follows principles and business models of the Share Economy. The other form of crowdsourced procurement is to turn to the people who the procurement affects to decide the plan [...]

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