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Responsive Design allows you to make websites both for mobile devices and desktops. A good design contributes to a positive User Experience | Vroozi

UX is everything, isn’t it?

UX is everything When UX meets CX in the Procurement Space! Beautiful Design and nice UX is part of customer satisfaction in Procurement & any industry! Once all the complexity is hidden by high-performing technology, it is essential to seek a beautiful design. A user [...]

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Attracting Technology Talents…

How to Attract Technology Talents ? Ford Company is a good example to look into... One location will be focused on engineering, research, technology and vehicle development. The other will be an expansion of the current headquarters building. This transformation toward an eco-friendly, fun, flexible [...]

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User-Friendly Design or Die

User-Friendly Design & Procurement! User Experience & Digital transformation... As businesses make a full digital transformation, the tools and technology they implement will need to encompass every need of the enterprise. However, many platforms are not designed to address the needs of every level of [...]

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