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Businesses and Large Enterprises are shifting to digital transformation. Empowering Digital Activities implies challenges, strategy, talents | Vroozi

Vroozi Attends CSQ Visionaries Summit

Los Angeles: Sea, Sun and Tech Alliance of Vision and Innovation... Silicon Beach is the place to be! The Los Angeles, California, area is known for its weather, show business and tourism, but it is also a place of great innovation, technology advancement and extraordinary [...]

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Macy’s Closes Stores: Boost E-Commerce

Macy's Pushing E-Commerce and Digital Business Report from Silicon Beach about Macy's Digital Transformation The American department store staple, Macy’s, is the latest victim of shuttering its physical locations with a renewed look toward e-commerce and other strategies to regain ground with customers. The company [...]

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Purchasing Department: Revolution

How the Purchasing Department evolved... The Purchasing Department is also going through a Digital Transformation, called Procurement! Procurement has existed, though not by that name, since the time of the Egyptian pyramids. The scribes who tracked materials and supply on papyrus rolls were instrumental in [...]

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Gain Extraordinary Results

Pros and Cons of New Technology Is new technology a winner or money saver? Both! Using the functionality of state-of-the-art technology also helps cut costs in most areas of business by creating better efficiencies. With more effective processes and a more comprehensive view of company [...]

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Mobile Apps: Key to Business Growth

Mobile Apps enable Business Growth! Are you ready for Business Growth? As explained in yesterday's post, Go Mobile, Go Digital & Grow your Business Small businesses also use mobile technology to think about where their customers are. With 90% of companies increasing their investment in mobile apps [...]

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3 Trends in Procurement Digital Transformation

Procurement in the midst of Digital Transformation 3 Procurement Trends to Discover... from Silicon Beach! Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide >> P.O. Captured in One Place Typically, a purchase order would live many lives in many forms through many interdepartmental journeys. With a mobile procurement platform, a [...]

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