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Businesses and Large Enterprises are shifting to digital transformation. Empowering Digital Activities implies challenges, strategy, talents | Vroozi

Deloitte Report : Procurement to Join the Digital Revolution

Deloitte Report : Procurement to Join the Digital Revolution Digital Revolution disrupting Procurement & Supply Chain On the other hand, technology is affecting more distinct pieces of procurement. Transactions and operational processes are being automated and enabled for more user-friendly capabilities. Mobile procurement platforms specifically are designed [...]

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Procurement, Tomorrow…

Procurement's Digital Transformation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the ball game in Supply Chain & Procurement ! Disruption is on today's menu! Technology has disrupted nearly every industry in beneficial and sometimes unexpected ways, and it often influences a business from many angles. [...]

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Software-as-a-Service, the standard?

How Software-as-a-Service became THE way to go? Is Software-as-a-Service the right business model for all of us ? Software-as-a-Service is becoming the standard platform for many enterprise functions: supply chain and procurement are no exception. This critical aspect of business has found its cloud capabilities and is [...]

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Mobile Apps Power Better Futures

Mobile Apps and Better Future Technology Making World The Better Place In our last blog post, we discussed how mobile technology is revolutionary in changing lives through healthcare, mobile banking and political uprisings. Those cases of mobile revolution are indirect. The smartphones and mobile devices used in these [...]

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Spend Matters : Top 50 Procurement Providers 2016

Top 50 Procurement Providers 2016 Spend Matters report for 2016 has come out! Every year, Spend Matters publishes the list of the Top 50 Procurement Providers To Watch. 2016 is no exception! In the Top 50 Procurement Companies to Watch & Know, they cover the [...]

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11 Great Quotes for Procurement Professionals

Quotes for Procurement Professionals Procurement Wisdom Great procurement quotes can be hard to find. Fortunately, we pulled together a few of our favorite quotes about procurement software to supercharge your morning.  “You need to understand what you are buying, and why, how it will affect your business, [...]

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