e-Procurement System: Review the Most Popular Platforms and Solutions 2017. Advantages and disadvantages of Procure-to-Pay, Spend Management | Vroozi

Procurement Improvement: Social Technology

By | March 7th, 2017|Blog, Procurement News|

Social Technology’s Role in the Workplace How Procurement Can Improve with Social Technology Social technology connects over 1.5 B people worldwide. Users continue to adopt [...]

The Procurement Leap: From Excel to SAAS

By | March 2nd, 2017|Blog, Process Efficiency|

Procurement Solution: When is it time to find a better one? Procurement Best Practices Excel is a powerful tool that can manage massive data. For [...]

International Green Procurement Award Winner 2016

By | February 28th, 2017|Blog, Procurement News|

The Power of Green Procurement Better Business for a Better Earth Procurement Winner of the Year... Copenhagen! As we strive for better business and better [...]

How to Measure Procurement Success

By | February 21st, 2017|Blog, Process Efficiency|

Procurement: Setting Goals & Measuring Success How to Find the Right Measures As any successful procurement professional  knows, procurement is not simply about getting the [...]

4 Tips to Demonstrate the Value of Procurement

By | February 20th, 2017|Blog, Spend Management|

The Dangers of Not Understanding Procurement How to Foster Procurement Learning in Your Company If your boss does not understand your procurement position, they likely [...]

Supply Chain and Procurement: What is the Difference?

By | February 3rd, 2017|Blog, Purchasing|

Supply Chain vs. Procurement Understanding Procurement In procurement, businesses and industries place different value on different aspects of procurement benefits. While one business may desperately [...]

Procurement Tips: Easy Access to Repeat Purchases

By | January 20th, 2017|Blog, Purchasing|

Create Procurement Favorites Lists How to Make Recurring Purchases Many companies purchase the same products again and again. The amounts may vary with seasonality or [...]

Future of US Procurement: American Inauguration Tomorrow

By | January 19th, 2017|Blog, Procurement News|

Trump’s Inauguration: New Beginning in United States What Does the Future of Procurement Hold? President-elect Trump is planning many changes to the orders created under [...]

Procurement Made in the USA! YouTube Report

By | January 17th, 2017|Blog, Process Efficiency|

Procurement Made Simple Los Angeles Based Procurement Focused on Easy-to-Use Procurement Sneak Peek at Vroozi’s User-Friendly Procurement Procurement has made major technological advancements in a [...]

2017 is the “Year of Transformation” for Procurement in USA

By | January 16th, 2017|Blog, Procurement News|

US Procurement Transformation How to Keep Up with Procurement Technology 82% of procurement organizations reported they are currently undergoing a transformation, according to a recent [...]