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Procurement Predictions 2019: Mobile, Digital Procurement

The Need for Mobile, Digital Procurement Admittedly, predicting that procurement will continue to move to mobile is not groundbreaking, but the reality is that many companies are still lagging far behind in digitizing their procurement process. What many businesses fail to recognize is that while [...]

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Better Invoicing Saves Millions for One Company

Better Invoicing Saves Company Millions A recent case study from Harvard Business Review provides some valuable insight into why having a powerful e-procurement system can save companies millions. (And save you from a terrible headache in the process.) A financial assurance group at AT&T was [...]

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This is Why e-Procurement Means Safety in P2P Software

e-Procurement Safety Protects Businesses Powerful Procurement Solutions Easy-to-use, mobile e-procurement is relatively new in the P2P landscape, but as technology improves at an increasing rate, online technology has become absolutely necessary. Not only is e-procurement technology easy-to-use, but it can also protect your business. Here [...]

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Consumer Purchasing Trends: Maternity & Baby

Consumer Purchasing and Procure to Pay Process Insights from Consumer to Business Procurement Software I am now a little over 8 months pregnant. I am learning to adapt to all things maternity, and will soon be adapting to having a new little family member. Preparing [...]

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Top Vroozi Procure to Pay Posts 2017

Procurement Solutions Experts and Updates Learn More about Procurement Software 2017 was a great year for Vroozi, and it has been exciting to share some of that through our website. New collateral, blog posts and press releases all have important procurement updates to help you [...]

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Gartner Predictions for 2018: Cloud, Marketplace & Chatbots

2018 Future of Procurement Solutions What to Expect from Your E-Procurement System Kicking off the New Year generally has everyone looking to the future- anticipations, goals, and hope for good things to come. In the world of procurement, Gartner recently published some fascinating predictions about [...]

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Vroozi Reflecting on 2017

Procurement in 2017 Procurement Annual Update 2017 has been an incredible year for Vroozi, as a procurement solution, as a team, and as a company. Platform This year we had a few major additions to the Vroozi Purchase Platform, not to mention many enhancements to [...]

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Brick & Mortar vs. Online Shopping: Black Friday 2017

Black Friday Shopping 2017 How Procurement Handles Brick & Mortar Shopping Amidst all the excitement about the growth of online shopping, the growth of shopping in brick and mortar stores sometimes gets neglected. While, it’s true that online purchasing is expecting to grow at a [...]

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What is the Opportunity Cost of Your Time?

How Much is a Minute of Your Time Worth? Procurement: Value of Time Opportunity cost, in microeconomic theory, is the value of the alternative option in a decision. This cost represents the missed value from your mutually exclusive options. The cost can be explicit, like [...]

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Procurement Tech: Savings Beat the Cost

Procurement Technology Savings E-Procurement ROI Procurement technology saves more than it costs according to a new study by the Hackett Group. ROI is often the determining factor in whether an organization will invest, making this very significant news in the procurement technology world. The study [...]

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