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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) consists of process management. Companies use integrated software applications Oracle, SAP: business, tasks | Vroozi

Vroozi Excited for Things to Come at Dreamforce

Do You Dreamforce? Welcome to San Francisco, Dreamforce Attendees Dreamforce is in full swing with 17,000 Attendees San Francisco is bracing itself for the massive, annual Salesforce user conference, Dreamforce. 17,000 people are headed to Dreamforce for thought-leader-awesomeness, from pitching sessions with Mark Cuban, Chris [...]

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Buy Context Based: 15 Reasons the Catalog is the Soul of Procurement

15 Reasons the Catalog is the Soul of Procurement Zoom on Buy Context Based Checklists, Inventory, QR Code, Business... This month we are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement. Read the full list here. Checklists are great for accomplishing necessary [...]

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