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Why the E-Procurement Marketplace is the Heart of Procurement

E-Procurement Marketplace Definition Procurement Marketplace Software Purchasing has changed - for consumers and businesses alike. Finding what you need, comparing prices and features, and finalizing a purchase can all be done from a mobile device. Procurement systems range from manual processes stuck in the last [...]

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Philadelphia Procurement: More than Cheapest Price

Philadelphia Procurement Vote Better Purchasing Practices Earlier this year, Philadelphia voted on a measure to update their procurement policy of awarding contracts to the “lowest responsible bidder.” Their new “Best Value” procurement solution will help provide better value and improve the city’s ability to reach [...]

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What Would be in Your Custom Shopping Mall?

Procurement Provides Custom Business Purchasing Procurement Solutions that Meet Your Needs Imagine walking into a shopping mall created custom to everything you love and need most. Each store is tailored exactly to you - clothing that fits you just right, home goods that will look [...]

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Gartner Predictions for 2018: Cloud, Marketplace & Chatbots

2018 Future of Procurement Solutions What to Expect from Your E-Procurement System Kicking off the New Year generally has everyone looking to the future- anticipations, goals, and hope for good things to come. In the world of procurement, Gartner recently published some fascinating predictions about [...]

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2017 is the “Year of Transformation” for Procurement in USA

US Procurement Transformation How to Keep Up with Procurement Technology 82% of procurement organizations reported they are currently undergoing a transformation, according to a recent survey by Procurement Leaders. This marks a huge increase as previous surveys indicated only one-third of businesses were transforming their [...]

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Paperless: What Da Vinci Knew about Trees that You Probably Don’t

Paperless Procurement: Da Vinci’s Rule of the Trees Better Procurement for all Companies 500 years ago, Da Vinci observed a fascinating pattern in trees. He found that the size of a tree’s trunk had a universal relationship to the size of the sum of the [...]

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E-commerce: Alibaba’s Plan to Create 1M US Jobs

Future of US Procurement & World Procurement US Supply Chain & Procurement President-elect Donald Trump and Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, met this week to discuss the potential for creating one million US jobs by allowing American businesses to sell to China through the Alibaba platform. [...]

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USA: KPMG Recognizes Procurement Progress Today

KPMG’s Americas Procurement Leader Knows Procurement Progression How Does Your Company Harness the Power of US Procurement Technology? As this new year begins, we are not only looking to the future and our goals for 2017, but also recognizing the incredible leaps and bounds we [...]

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Procurement: Inside Look Now – Multi-Vendor Comparisons

In Procurement, Comparisons Mean Purchasing Power! E-Procurement Platform for Better Comparisons Smart Search Engine The power of Comparison lies in your access to information. With e-procurement, you can compare products from multiple vendors so you can find the best products for your needs, maximizing your [...]

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Procurement: Are you Using Smart Price Comparison?

How Can Smart Price Comparison Engine Reduce Procurement Costs? Making the Most of Each Procurement Dollar In the world of procurement, each dollar counts. As a consumer, you likely shop around before you make big purchases. Online tools, like PriceCart or PriceBlink, help consumers quickly [...]

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