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Procurement Process: Make the Purchasing and Procurement function simple and put People First. Ease of Use means Productivity! Guide and Whitepapers | Vroozi

2017 Prediction: Technology to Disrupt E-Procurement and Invoice-to-Pay

2017 Procurement: Better Technology The Future of E-Procurement The forecast for procurement in 2017 shows better technology and falling behind for those that do not adapt. In the past, growing companies progressed from manual Excel solutions to procurement software. Now everyone is looking to progress [...]

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Chief Procurement Officer (CPO): Role and Requirements

Celebrating Procurement Professionals Understanding Procurement Roles Every Chief Procurement Officer and procurement professional will face challenges specific to their company and industry, but today we will look at the basics responsibilities of a CPO. Ultimately, the CPO is responsible for managing the company’s spend, leading [...]

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Procurement in History: Learning to Face Modern Challenges

Procurement Technology Throughout Time Procurement Help To best understand the world we live in today, we often look to history. The same is true for procurement. Understanding the roots of procurement will help us to understand the challenges we face today. Ancient Procurement The earliest [...]

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Boost your Procurement Spend Management Solutions

How To Procurement Spend Management Solutions Guide to Cost Savings in Purchasing In business, saving money is as important as making sales. In any purchasing department, improving the team's productivity and saving money on procurement are crucial issues. Here is a small guide on spend management, [...]

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Procurement Suite: How To Leverage your Purchasing Software?

How To Make the Most of a Procurement Suite or Purchasing Software? Procurement and Purchasing Process Made Better... "Another Brick in the Wall"... Making the most of your purchasing system can be hard, depending on the solution you selected. We put some numbers together for you: [...]

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