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Procurement Process: Make the Purchasing and Procurement function simple and put People First. Ease of Use means Productivity! Guide and Whitepapers | Vroozi

Procurement Software vs Mobile App

Procurement Software or Mobile App? Mobility is a Game Changer in Procurement & Purchasing One can say that mobility has changed the rules in terms of procurement, purchasing, sales, marketing... Changing the world one device at a time! Mobility puts traditional procurement software under fire. [...]

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Procurement System: Checklist and Audit

Any Purchasing Department must run Audits... What is the Procurement Checklist? In a procurement suite, there are ongoing updates with audits. They cover many issues from benefits, features, process, reporting, spend management, compliance and suppliers... However, the first item on our checklist is security and [...]

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LA Tech Summit 2016 in Silicon Beach

LA Tech Summit 2016 in Silicon Beach LA Tech Summit is an ideal place to gain more insight into Silicon Beach by Jessica Ferguson, Brand Ambassador @ Vroozi About The LA Technology Summit in Silicon Beach Meet with Entrepreneurs, Investors, Decision Makers and Influencers... LA [...]

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Procurement in the Digital Document Space

Procurement... Procurement in the Digital Document Space in 2016 DocuSign, a worldwide reference ! Digital document signing revolutionized the way both companies and individuals conduct business. DocuSign, the leading digital document platform, hosted the conference DocuSign MOMENTUM’16 recently, gathering together leaders and interested industries to discuss [...]

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Procurement Lessons from 2014

The procurement space is constantly evolving.  What was once a localized catalog and phone order business has evolved into an interconnected, global network of buyers and sellers that gives each party a means for continuously evaluating and revaluating each of their supply chain partner relationships [...]

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