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5 Procurement Productivity Tips that will allow any procuremement and purchasing department with metrics, measures and benchmarks. How To Perform | Vroozi

Procurement ROI and KPIs

Procurement ROI and KPIs Procurement is a must for high-growth organizations and global enterprises looking to compete, grow and profit. But how do you measure impact and value? Enter: ROI. In procurement, ROI has a different definition than the common formula. It’s not just based [...]

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Custom Means Efficient

Software as Custom as Your Morning Routine? For Real Efficiency, Go Custom Almost everything we experience is customized to our own wants and needs. An average morning in our technological world looks something like this. You wake up to a sleep-tracking app that wakes you up at [...]

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Global Procurement Tech Summit 2016 : Takeaways!

Global Procurement Tech Summit 2016 Let find out what the procurement takeaways are... These takeaways include: Mobile procurement is taking center stage. Mobile platforms are important to the procurement team that needs to research, purchase and confirm on the go. Intelligent data via artificial intelligence is [...]

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Everyday Technology: Social Media

Based on joint research and production from Vroozi and Spend Matters, we bring you our Declaration of the New Purchasing: A Buying Manifesto.  While the Manifesto can be seen on, we’ll continue to explore the themes on Vroozi’s blog. Does your day revolve around [...]

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