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Procurement Software: The solution for any purchasing department! Insights: Purchase Order Approval, Spend Management, Visibility. Guide 2017 | Vroozi

Why Companies Are Still Hesitant to Adopt Procurement Technology

Are you confident that your company is ready to adopt the technology you need to be successful in procurement? If not, you are not alone. Need for Procurement vs. Company Readiness In a recent survey, 87 percent of responders agreed that “a data-driven approach to [...]

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Vroozi Announces New Customer Win by Signing The Chemours Company

A leader in chemistry, Chemours will transform the purchasing process for employees through Vroozi. Vroozi, the leading spend management and payables solution, today announced the signing of its newest customer, The Chemours Company. Chemours is a global leader in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions. [...]

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2017 Prediction: Technology to Disrupt E-Procurement and Invoice-to-Pay

2017 Procurement: Better Technology The Future of E-Procurement The forecast for procurement in 2017 shows better technology and falling behind for those that do not adapt. In the past, growing companies progressed from manual Excel solutions to procurement software. Now everyone is looking to progress [...]

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