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Chief Procurement Officer (CPO): Role and Requirements

Celebrating Procurement Professionals Understanding Procurement Roles Every Chief Procurement Officer and procurement professional will face challenges specific to their company and industry, but today we will look at the basics responsibilities of a CPO. Ultimately, the CPO is responsible for managing the company’s spend, leading [...]

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How Can Procurement Analytics Change What You Do Tomorrow?

Measuring & Controlling Spending through Procurement Do You Really Know What Your Business is Spending? Many company leaders believe they already know how much their business is spending, but are shocked when they see the real data. Real-time insight into your spending should be the [...]

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Procurement in History: Learning to Face Modern Challenges

Procurement Technology Throughout Time Procurement Help To best understand the world we live in today, we often look to history. The same is true for procurement. Understanding the roots of procurement will help us to understand the challenges we face today. Ancient Procurement The earliest [...]

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Supply Chain and Procurement: What is the Difference?

Supply Chain vs. Procurement Understanding Procurement In procurement, businesses and industries place different value on different aspects of procurement benefits. While one business may desperately need paperless procurement, another may be more focused on managing supplier relationships. With so many different solutions out there, the [...]

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New White Paper: The Evolution of Corporate Procurement Systems

How Corporate Procurement is Evolving in 2017 Pathway to Procurement Success Vroozi recently teamed up with Spend Matters to provide a new white paper, ‘The Evolution of Corporate Procurement Systems.’ This white paper will help you better understand the following: Importance and challenge of creating [...]

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