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Hosted centrally, Software as a service – known as SaaS – is a software licensing business model. It is licensed on a subscription basis | Vroozi

3 Tips for Communicating with Remote Teams

Communication is Key for Remote Workers in E-Procurement How Remote Procure to Pay Teams Can Be Successful In personal and business relationships alike, communication is key. While remote work offers many benefits to workers and companies alike, it also can provide a barrier to communication. [...]

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Vroozi Discovery: The Power of Paperless

Purchasing Software: Connecting and Communicating Paperless Business, Paperless Procurement Software Vroozi Discovery is the newest module by Vroozi that helps companies maintain a paperless work environment. Vroozi Discovery is a directory for remote work teams that connect them to approved suppliers in their area. We [...]

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LA Tech Summit 2016, out for Lunch…

LA Tech Summit 2016: Pause! After a Comprehensive Session with Silicon Beach Keynote Speakers... Our executive team has been listening and interacting with entrepreneurs, start-up founders, venture capitalists, Tech Leaders and Influencers. The morning session was all about: Defining Hypergrowth The Kings of Digital Content [...]

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Empowering Productivity with Technology!

When Technology empowers Productivity! Time is of the essence in Business... How to go about Technology & Productivity? Time = Money = Vroozi As a Silicon Beach startup, we design a SaaS B2B Purchasing and Procurement platform.We offer your business an organized, innovative approach to [...]

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