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Procurement: Spend Visibily allows your purchasing department to better manage purchases and budgets. Are you ready for cost savings? | Vroozi

How Can Procurement Analytics Change What You Do Tomorrow?

Measuring & Controlling Spending through Procurement Do You Really Know What Your Business is Spending? Many company leaders believe they already know how much their business is spending, but are shocked when they see the real data. Real-time insight into your spending should be the [...]

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Procurement: Inside Look Now – Multi-Vendor Comparisons

In Procurement, Comparisons Mean Purchasing Power! E-Procurement Platform for Better Comparisons Smart Search Engine The power of Comparison lies in your access to information. With e-procurement, you can compare products from multiple vendors so you can find the best products for your needs, maximizing your [...]

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Procurement: Remote Work Can Mean Better Work

Procurement and Remote Work for Better Work Empowering Procurement Employees E-Procurement Platform that Empowers Employees Anywhere! The widespread use of smartphones and access to internet has transformed almost everything in our daily lives. This transformation affects not only our personal lives, but also our work [...]

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Lessons from the Electoral College for Procurement!

What Procurement Can Learn from the Electoral College History of the Electoral College Today, American voters actually vote for presidential electors who in turn vote for a presidential candidate. Each state has a specific number of electors as declared by the Constitution. A presidential candidate [...]

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