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Vroozi gets you up and running in no time.

Procurement works like a pivot in the internal supply chain process, turning purchase requisitions into actual products and services to fulfill your needs. Therefore, SPEED is critical to the success of the entire organization. Learning from each purchase is also essential to increasing this pace.

Vroozi gets you up and running on our platform in no time. Upload your entire supplier catalogs in just minutes. Then you can start comparing items and suppliers in one unified search bar for the fastest catalog search available. From the unified search and tracking features, procurement teams can learn what users are searching for to better outfit their organization.

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Vroozi Procurement Platform

With the ability to quickly adapt to any system, catalog and company parameters, you can use the Vroozi procurement platform to streamline all aspects of business and get to what matters faster.

Easy onboarding of supplier content for fast results
Real-time synchronization with financial systems
Full functionality from any device, anywhere
Deeper understanding of what users want
One-click purchasing
Configurable auto-approval
Custom fields can be configured in a minute
Process millions of catalog items before your finish your coffee

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