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Vroozi can integrate with OCI and CXML format or via Open APIs allowing companies to rely on Vroozi to be the universal marketplace and central source of spend analysis.

Enriched marketplace to enhance purchasing experience for IBM customers

To truly analyze spend, the purchasable items from different suppliers need to be in a central database. This eliminates manual error, allows every user to work from the same set of information and doesn’t corrupt data. IBM offers intelligent solutions for contract and asset management that integrates to a single Vroozi platform for increased visibility and complementary ways of working. This streamlines your processes and greatly reduces error.

Connect to IBM Maximo

Maximo customers can punch out to Vroozi catalog solution via Work Order, Job Plans, Purchase Requisition, and Purchase Order. This means that even when numerous people describe the same item in different terms, they will still find the exact item needed. In complex settings where accuracy saves time and money, this capability allows organizations to use IBM Maximo’s functionality in the context of Vroozi’s procurement solution to eliminate manual input errors and centralize all catalog content.

Connect to IBM Emptoris

Contract negotiations are critical to a business’s success and driving optimal spend. Using IBM Emptoris in conjunction with a Vroozi solution ensures all contracts are being tracked, all items appear in the marketplace at the correct negotiated price and there is continuity between all operations. This integration makes it easy to manage and analyze how contracts are being fulfilled and affecting the organization as a whole.

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