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Maximize spend, minimize costs.

One of the top goals of procurement is to cut costs, optimize total spend and manage a budget with a variety of factors in mind. Cutting costs helps establish the ROI of a procurement department and the tools it deploys. To demonstrate the significance of procurement and gaining organizational investment, procurement specialists need to cut costs in any way they can.

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Three Pillars of Cost Savings

When it comes to how a procurement team can realize cost savings, there are three fundamental areas of achievement. Focusing on the following pillars of cost savings guides organizations to save more efficiently.

Purchase Demand

This is where companies can reduce consumption, consolidate spend and improve specifications.

Supply Base

Increasing competition, restructuring relationships, and reorganizing a supply base helps cut costs.

Total Cost Management

Optimize supply chain costs, reduce total life cycle ownership costs, and reduce or eliminate transaction costs to affect overall savings.

Why Vroozi?

Using a Vroozi mobile-enabled procurement solution, you will be able to transparently and completely manage these three pillars and other aspects of procurement to create huge cost savings. The full functionality of a mobile platform allows users to work from anywhere and greatly reduces the time it takes to complete administrative tasks and purchase orders. Saving time equals saving money so you can get back to maximizing your spend and minimizing your costs.


Now, every member of the organization can participate in procurement because Vroozi is so easy to use.

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Vroozi brings you and your suppliers to a single place for collaboration.

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Analyze and visualize your data with intelligent Vroozi solutions.

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You can adjust every feature to your precise use of the platform.

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On top of business rules and workflow engines, our data-driven marketplace helps you understand your employees’ needs.

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Proven & Secure

From the 10-person company to the global 500, many trusted users can testify to Vroozi’s strong security and uncompromising standards.

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