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In a space as complex as procurement, irregularities and corruption pose great risk to a company, but can be hard to avoid. Meeting compliance regulations keeps your processes safe and efficient, allowing you to do your best business. Compliance should be easily achieved, and with the right tools it is not a worry, but an accomplishment. When you are meeting every imposed requirement, you can more effectively meet your goals.

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Compliance Checklists

Compliance often involves global, federal, corporate and local considerations. Keeping track of all that can be headache-inducing at the least and a logistical, devastating nightmare at worst. To avoid any corruption and process irregularities and to ensure you are meeting all applicable compliance regulations, you should deploy a variety of compliance checklists.

A Compliance Checklist:

• Provides guidance for corporate policy

• Aligns financials for potential audits

• Creates a roadmap for implementing compliance practices

• Prevents fraud with checks and balances

• Comprehensively covers all relevant laws and guidelines

• Manages risk strategy

Why Vroozi?

Vroozi’s mobile-enabled procurement solution builds compliance into the basic principles of your procurement processes. This automatic consideration and transparent inclusion of checklists and policy ensures all users are always complying to important laws and following corporate rules as necessary. This helps avoid any controversial or destructive activity. Even the unfamiliar shopper using Vroozi from his smartphone can complete an order properly.