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Build relationships with full transparency

Sometimes the best option is the one you don’t always see. In procurement, having all your suppliers in a searchable database and a fully transparent order process is critical to optimizing your spend and developing functional supplier relationships. The more you can foster open and visible transactions, the better you will be able to find the suppliers right for your company and continue working together toward success.

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One Searchable Catalog

Negotiating with suppliers is a delicate and time-consuming task. Once you’ve reached a mutually beneficial deal, you want to be able to work together fluidly. Creating one searchable catalog with all your suppliers greatly simplifies your research and order process.

Supplier visibility gives you:

• More opportunities to work with your suppliers

• More options for the right items, services and prices

• More flexibility in your efforts

Why Vroozi?

Vroozi’s mobile-enabled procurement solution integrates all your suppliers into one federated content hub. Even if you use small, local businesses without an ecommerce site, you can find their products among big-name suppliers. Search has never been easier than with a Vroozi solution.


Now, every member of the organization can participate in procurement because Vroozi is so easy to use.

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Vroozi brings you and your suppliers to a single place for collaboration.

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Analyze and visualize your data with intelligent Vroozi solutions.

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You can adjust every feature to your precise use of the platform.

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On top of business rules and workflow engines, our data-driven marketplace helps you understand your employees’ needs.

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Proven & Secure

From the 10-person company to the global 500, many trusted users can testify to Vroozi’s strong security and uncompromising standards.

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