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  • Send Electronic Purchase Orders to Suppliers

  • Intuitive Shopping Interface for Your Employees

  • Approve Orders on Any Mobile Device

  • Customize Solution to Your Business

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Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide

Vroozi’s Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide is aimed at procurement and IT organizations in the process of developing a mobile strategy and selecting a procurement platform that can give their increasing mobile workforce continuous productivity. In this guide, you’ll learn the thought process behind:

  • How secure is your company data on mobile devices
  • Does the application work on all devices
  • How well does the application leverage the devices
  • How can I best leverage mobile procurement to suit my company’s needs


5 Catalog Management Myths Busted

While many companies have implemented some form of purchase to pay process, most businesses are still manually typing in item information, reconciling inconsistent data, pricing, and accounts payable discrepancies, and lacking visibility into their category spend. The problem comes from one reason: The employees are not buying from online catalogs.

The reality is, managing supplier catalogs and enabling employees to shop via your company-branded marketplace can be done easily and cost-effectively. In fact, on average, our customers received return on investment within months.



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