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This is Why Mobile Supplier Directories are so Valuable

Power of Procurement Supplier Directories P2P Mobile Directories Vroozi’s new mobile directory module, Vroozi Discovery, empowers remote teams with the most up-to-date, powerful directories available. Here are three ways that a mobile directory can make life easier for your organization and remote teams. Efficient Manually-created [...]

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Top Procurement Tweets So Far 2018

This Year's Top Procurement Tweets Follow along @vroozi on Twitter Here are our top Vroozi tweets for 2018 so far. Catch up on the best in procurement topics, trends, and research on Twitter. January Jess, Jay & Justin are ready to rock at the @cappo [...]

By | June 12th, 2018|Blog, Leadership Posts|

Empowered: US Workers Prefer Self-Service Tools

Empowering Businesses and Employees Powerful Procurement Solutions Self-service tools in the workplace are in higher demand according to a recent survey. Nearly 3 in 4 US workers prefer tools that allow them to complete work-related tasks on their own. This study by Paycheck, an HR [...]

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Higher Ed Hit by Procurement Fraud. Are You Safe?

P2P Fraud Schemes in Higher Education Protection from Fraud While procurement fraud always negatively impacts its organization, there are some industries that seem especially ill-affected by fraud. This last month, higher education institutes were hit especially hard with the discovery of a number of payment [...]

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3 Technologies for Better Business Travel

P2P Tech On-the-Go Business Travelers Use Mobile Tech & Procurement With today’s technology, you can do nearly everything from your mobile device. Business travel can be exhausting, but mobile technology can ease the burden of travel by streamlining and simplifying what you need to get [...]

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This is Why eProcurement Means Safety in P2P

eProcurement Protects Businesses Powerful Procurement Solutions Easy-to-use, e-procurement is relatively new in the P2P landscape, but as technology improves at an increasing rate, online technology has become absolutely necessary. Not only is e-procurement technology easy-to-use, but it can also protect your business. Here are three [...]

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Vroozi Discovery: Benefits of Mobile Directories

Keeping Remote Teams Connected Power of Mobile Many remote teams rely on approved directories. Today, even large corporations use massive printed directories that their teams carry around to know which suppliers in their location are preferred by their organization. Any update to the directory requires [...]

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Which Came First: the Consumer or the Business

How Procurement Brings Consumer Technology to Business Mobile Technology Consumer technology has historically followed in the tracks of business technology. Though hardly imaginable now, once upon a time only businesses and large organizations like colleges owned computers and consumers could hardly imagine why they would [...]

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Vulnerable to Procurement Fraud?

US Navy Procurement Fraud Scheme How to Protect Yourself from Procurement Fraud Automated and streamlined procurement saves many companies millions of dollars through better pricing, better supplier relationships, and improved strategies from data analytics. These benefits are at the forefront of many procurement decision makers’ [...]

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This is Why Everyone in Your Organization is a Part of Procurement

Procurement Teams Include Everyone Power of Procurement Procurement technology traditionally only available to large enterprises is now available to companies of all sizes through more efficient, cost-effective cloud technology. While some organizations still try to use manual (or no) procurement process, the reality is that [...]

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