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According to Deloitte Report, the next digital transformation will happen in Procurement and Supply Chain. 2017 Takeaways | Vroozi

How to Know Your Cloud Solution is Safe

The Case for Cloud: SAAS Safety How eProcurement Tackles Cloud Safety When it comes to online security, not all SAAS solutions are created equally. As with all new technologies, the cloud comes with some concerns, primarily safety of information and data. So how can you [...]

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How to Get Your Free Vroozi Tree Seedling

Paperless Procurement: Better Business, Better Earth Order a Vroozi Tree Seedling Try Vroozi purchasing for yourself and "order" a free tree seedling >> For each tree seedling order through the Vroozi purchasing platform, our partner, ForestNation, sends a tree to Tanzania. We know the power [...]

By | February 23rd, 2017|Blog, Digital Transformation|

How Can Procurement Analytics Change What You Do Tomorrow?

Measuring & Controlling Spending through Procurement Do You Really Know What Your Business is Spending? Many company leaders believe they already know how much their business is spending, but are shocked when they see the real data. Real-time insight into your spending should be the [...]

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Paperless: What Da Vinci Knew about Trees that You Probably Don’t

Paperless Procurement: Da Vinci’s Rule of the Trees Better Procurement for all Companies 500 years ago, Da Vinci observed a fascinating pattern in trees. He found that the size of a tree’s trunk had a universal relationship to the size of the sum of the [...]

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Support Paperless Procurement: Get Your Tree Starter Kit Today!

Free Procurement Software Trial and Free Tree Good News about American Tree Forests Most of the news we hear about forests today is negative, but there is news to celebrate, too! The following facts are from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).         Forest growth has [...]

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Vroozi’s Tree Starter Kit: World’s 4 Most Interesting Trees

Vroozi’s New Tree Starter Kit Available: Request on a Procurement Software Trial Sustainable Procurement Solutions Procurement starts with Digital Transformation and Paperless Purchasing! Baobab Trees, Madagascar You may have been introduced to Baobabs like me, while reading Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince.’ They are [...]

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Supply Chain Infrastructure Issues Lead to Creative Solutions in Africa

Limited Procurement in Africa Means Creativity The Power of Procurement As a continent, Africa is growing at an incredible rate. In 2013, the growth in Africa surpassed Asia’s growth rate for the first time. While the economy grows, Africa faces a unique set of infrastructure [...]

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Procurement: Sustainable Solutions Take Flight

Procurement and Sustainable Solutions Alaska Airlines Makes Historic Flight with New Biofuel Coming Together for the Best Solutions This week, Alaska Airlines made a historic journey by flying the world’s first commercial flight powered by forest residuals. These residuals include excess limbs, stumps and branches [...]

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How Do Black Friday Hacks Relate to Procurement?

Making the Best of Black Friday Procurement Platform Deals at Work At Vroozi, we did our share for Black Friday and Thanksgiving. We offer you a Free Trial of our e-Procurement Platform with extended features such as Amazon Business Built-in >> Black Friday may be [...]

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Quiz: What Type of Procurement Innovator Are You?

Are You a Procurement Innovator? Take this quiz to see your Procurement Innovator Type At the heart of Procurement Innovation! Research revealed four types of procurement innovators, according to MORAR Consulting. Are you: High-level Visionary Enlightened Activist Early Strategist Pragmatic Professional Procurement for Everyone! Procurement [...]

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