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According to Deloitte Report, the next digital transformation will happen in Procurement and Supply Chain. 2017 Takeaways | Vroozi

How Can Automation & AI Technology Improve Office Morale?

Procurement Technology Improves Office Morale A common concern surrounding any emerging technology is the effect it will have on the existing workforce. Many fear automation, claiming it will destroy jobs as it makes certain tasks unnecessary. While recognizing this concern, it’s important to also recognize [...]

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Why Companies Are Still Hesitant to Adopt Procurement Technology

Are you confident that your company is ready to adopt the technology you need to be successful in procurement? If not, you are not alone. Need for Procurement vs. Company Readiness In a recent survey, 87 percent of responders agreed that “a data-driven approach to [...]

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Procurement Predictions 2019: Mobile, Digital Procurement

The Need for Mobile, Digital Procurement Admittedly, predicting that procurement will continue to move to mobile is not groundbreaking, but the reality is that many companies are still lagging far behind in digitizing their procurement process. What many businesses fail to recognize is that while [...]

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Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without Digital Budgeting

Digital Budgeting in e-Procurement Systems E-procurement provides unprecedented financial solutions for businesses. Procurement was once accessible only to large enterprises, shutting out smaller firms with high costs and lengthy implementations. As technology has progressed, companies like Vroozi are able to provide more accessible cost and [...]

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5 Benefits of Easy-to-Use Procurement

Procurement Software Made Easy Procurement Solutions Built for Users Traditional procurement and ERP systems are known for their complexity and powerful data abilities. As technology improves, new players, like Vroozi, have entered the market with simpler, easy-to-use solutions that still provide the same powerful features [...]

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How to Create a Faster Purchasing Process with E-Procurement

Faster Purchasing with Online Procurement Save time. Improve quality. Purchase faster. E-procurement saves money, improves quality and creates a faster purchasing process. A faster purchasing process is incredibly valuable and can be a hidden treasure of savings for companies that overlook the value of time [...]

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