Vroozi Invoice

Leave Paper Invoicing in the Past.

Save Money and Increase Spend Control

Eliminate the pain of managing paper invoices and free your team to focus on high-value work with electronic invoicing. Seamlessly track, control and confirm what you are buying electronically. Vroozi Invoice reduces your cost per invoice, increases spend control through budget, invoice and PO-checks, and shortens cycle times. The fully cloud-based electronic invoicing system automatically identifies errors, duplicates and overpayments so you can ensure you only pay for what you order and receive.

Reduce Your Cost Per Invoice

Save 40-50% on the cost to manage vendor invoices.

Eliminate Errors and Overpayments

Automatically identify errors, duplicates and overpayments.

Increase Spend Controls

Control spend with budget, invoice and PO-checks.

Product Features

Eliminate invoice touches and improve accuracy with AI/ML

More straight-through processes for non-PO and PO invoices.

Electronic Invoice Capture and Management

Capture and manage incoming vendor invoices and bills electronically, no matter the format they are received.

Three-Way Invoice Check and Match

Automatically match purchase orders, supplier invoices and good receipts to ensure you received what you ordered and only pay for what you received.

Accounts Payable Integration

Automatically send “OK to Pay” to accounts payable system for approved invoices – no manual input needed.

Automated Procurement Workflows

Speed cycle times, increase compliance and strengthen spend control with automated workflows.

Exception Management

Automated workflows enable you to identify and automate exceptions.


Innovative PO-flip feature makes it easy for suppliers to submit eInvoices digitally

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