Every invoice in one place with 3-Way Match so you never overpay.

Vroozi provides a paperless system, eliminating wasted hours on manual filing. With a central, digitalized system, all your invoices will be uniform and easy for you to find. You can easily track invoices and even get alerts for upcoming due dates. The system’s 3-Way Match warns you of potential errors so you never overspend. When a conflict arises, you can communicate directly with your suppliers through the platform. Accurate invoicing has never been easier.

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3-Way Match Prevents Invoice Errors

Are invoice errors costing you money today? Digitalizing procurement documents on one platform means more than just accessibility. With 3-Way Match, Vroozi automatically matches Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices and Goods Receipts so you know right away if there is a conflict. Vroozi Invoice Management means accuracy that saves you money.

The 3-Way Match Flow in Vroozi

Step 1

Once your purchase request is approved, a purchase order is automatically generated and sent to supplier.

Step 2

Your supplier receives the order, fulfills and ships according to the service agreement.

Step 3

When your goods are delivered, your Requester or Central Receiver creates a goods receipt in Vroozi for the number of items received. The system verifies that the quantity received is the number expected from the order or verifies a partial shipment.

Step 4

The Supplier can either mail the invoice, send a scanned paper invoice via email to your Vroozi invoice inbox, or send the invoice via CXML.

Step 5

Once an Invoice arrives at the Vroozi invoice inbox, Accounts Payable can digitize the Invoice against the Purchase Order. Then, they can confirm that the total amount from the electronic invoice document matches the amount on the supplier’s invoice.

Step 6

Vroozi Invoice Manager identifies invoice exceptions: mismatches between invoice and quantity received, incorrectly coded invoices with account assignment information, duplicate invoices, etc. If an invoice exception is identified, then the invoice is routed to an exception workflow to be corrected.

Step 7

Accounts Payable submits the invoice for approval if needed. Otherwise, Vroozi Invoice Management sends an “OK to pay” document to the Accounts Payable system for payment processing.

Why Vroozi Invoice?

  • Centralize all invoices digitally in one platform for easy access from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

  • Increase compliance with accurate 3-Way Match between Purchase Order, Invoice, & Goods Receipt.

  • Eliminate boring data entry with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

  • Real-time collaboration with buyers to settle invoice discrepancies for quick resolutions.

  • Improve supplier relationships with multiple self-service submission methods at zero cost.

  • Going paperless is less work than planting trees!

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