Catalog and Purchase Requisition Extensions for SAP SRM and S/4Hana

Increase User Adoption and Spend Under Management.

Digital Marketplace and Catalog Management for SAP

Vroozi’s SAP extension offers users a modern marketplace and catalog experience with fully automated purchase requisitions. Employees can digitally search and shop with approved suppliers, create shopping carts, and initiate and approve purchase requisitions within Vroozi’s digital marketplace before returning to SAP.

Digitize with Vroozi: Modern, Mobile and Effective

Offer users a modern, consumer-like and cloud-based shopping experience connected to SAP.
Streamline, automate and control the purchase management process from anywhere and everywhere.
Track, manage and control requisitions, purchases, invoices, payment confirmations and more.

Boost User Adoption and Spend Under Management

Vroozi’s catalog and marketplace extensions for SAP simplify business purchasing and increase user adoption. Procurement maintains control. Employees buy-in. Spend under management increases. Everybody wins.

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