Vroozi Pay

Business Payments for the Modern World.

Digitize and Automate Your Business Payments.

It’s time to modernize your accounts payable process. Stop cutting paper-based checks and making manual payments. Pay your suppliers the way they prefer. Vroozi Pay is a secure and modern system that reduces fraud and enables businesses to increase the volume of ePayments – saving time and boosting control.

Save 65-75% on Vendor Payment Costs

Lower costs associated with manual and check-based payments.

Automate or Schedule Payments

Maintain control and optimize cash management.

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Collaborate with suppliers to digitize payments and transactions.

Increase Budget Visibility and Payment Security

Strengthen budget and AP controls, compliance and security.

Product Features

ERP and Financial System Integration

Secure and seamless integration to confirm and reconcile payments with bi-directional sync.

Automated payment reconciliation

Automatically connect payments against POs and invoices.

Payment fraud and risk

Increase access controls, separate duties and increase due diligence. Start making secure and fully insured digital busines payments.

Maximize savings and reduce fees

Take advantage of prepayment savings and eliminate late fees by increasing visibility and cycle times.

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