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Integrate multiple systems with a universal catalog marketplace for ONE source of spend truth.

With several different financial and procure to pay systems in play, it can be incredibly difficult for enterprises to view a centralized spend analysis. Vroozi Catalog allows you to connect a central catalog to any ERP or procurement platform via OCI or CXML. The universal marketplace simplifies the shopping experience in a landscape with many connected systems.

Learn how to give catalog management power back to the procure to pay team

Vroozi, maker of smartOCI®, has revolutionized the way companies create and manage supplier catalog content. Vroozi Catalog management solution enables customers and suppliers to configure a hosted catalog, punch-out, and level 2 punch-out in minutes without the need of programming. Its ease of use gives the power of catalog management directly to the procurement professionals.

Vroozi empowers small suppliers by giving them online visibility and helps a Fortune 100 company centralize its 7 million active SKUs in their Vroozi marketplace. These are just some examples. See for yourself.

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Spend Matters Evaluation on Procure to Pay Catalog Management Solutions

Catalog Management to the Rescue! Vroozi’s smartOCI Extends
ERP into Indirect Spend without P2P

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Build and publish supplier catalog content in minutes

Vroozi Catalog management solution provides Buyers and Suppliers with a powerful and simple Web-based tool to create product and service catalogs. Functions, such as drag-and-drop approval processes and pre-defined templates, empower procurement professionals and keep the catalog management process simple.

Create content-rich supplier catalogs with drag-and-drop functionality

Whether you require an online storefront for selling 10 items or a catalog full of millions of distinct products and solutions, Vroozi’s easily-scalable catalog management platform caters to your specific eProcurement needs. With predefined supplier relationship management content templates, a simple content management interface, and a drag-and-drop purchase requisition approval process, you can upload your catalog in just minutes.

Direct data mapping to standard material codes

Different suppliers come with their own terms for categories, units of measure, and currencies. How do you find a simple way to translate those terms into your own language? Data mapping ensures everyone is speaking the same language in your marketplace.

Celebrate supplier diversity with specific characteristics and attributes

If you are looking for sustainable, women-owned, minority-owned or any other type of diverse supplier, you can rank your search results within the catalog to meet your parameters. Based on your needs, you can then define numerical value to the most important types of suppliers. This brings them to the top of your search results, regardless of other attributes, and helps you celebrate supplier diversity.

Seamless integration to ERP and SRM systems with CXML or OCI format

If you have SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, NetSuite, IBM, Microsoft, Great Plains, or all of them, we can easily integrate with any ERP and SRM system to give you a single source of spend truth.

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