Vroozi Marketplace

Digitize your catalog experience.

Unleash Your Employees’ Ability to Find and Buy What They Need

Empower employees to find and buy what they need to drive your business forward.
Create a private supplier marketplace that offers employees a consumer-like shopping experience and gives procurement robust, enterprise-grade financial controls. Increase compliance, efficiency and visibility, from anywhere and at any time.

Create a Private Marketplace and Catalog Experience

Access approved suppliers and catalogs in a single place.

Increase Control, Compliance and Spend Under Management

Funnel spend to pre-approved suppliers only.

Gain 15-30% in Purchasing Savings

Lower costs by taking advantage of negotiated discounts and contracts.

Improve User Adoption

Eliminate rogue purchasing and maverick spending.

Product Features

Modern, Consumer-like Shopping Experience

Easily search, request and purchase the goods you need.

One-click Requests and Ordering

Streamline the purchase process for approved employees.

Build Your Own Marketplace

Equip your team with direct catalog access, supplier punchout and e-commerce sites.

Search Multiple Catalogs from a Single Marketplace

Simplify the way you search, find and buy what you need.

Robust Supplier Search

Find the right supplier by searching via unique characteristics, like diversity, costs, price, industry and product specifications and more.

Access and Security Management

Quickly assign and manage permissions and content access with the click of a button.

Built-in Reporting and Analytics

Automatically track every search and purchase for procurement analysis.

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