Vroozi Purchase Platform

Vroozi offers a holistic solution with different
modules to fit your needs.

The Vroozi Purchase Platform

Vroozi provides a complete purchasing solution. From a catalog management with a complete one-stop marketplace to 3-way checks between in-system Purchase Orders, Goods Receipts, and Invoices – Vroozi has everything you need. Read on to find out more about the Vroozi modules and how they can get your business where it needs to be. Vroozi saves you time and money, while empowering your employees with the right resources to excel.

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Vroozi Purchase

Vroozi Purchase allows users to easily search for items and services, submit purchase requests, and approve requests. Electronic purchase orders are all stored in one place and smoothly integrate with an intuitive document flow including invoices and goods receipts. Vroozi Purchase allows users to shop and approve from any device with real-time notifications for a smoother shopping process and fewer errors.

Vroozi Catalog

Our catalog management system gives you easy access to all of your suppliers and catalogs in one place. You can configure hosted, punch-out, and level 2 punch-out catalogs in minutes without the need of complicated programming.

Vroozi Marketplace

The Vroozi Marketplace is a true online marketplace with access to all your supplier catalogs in one place. You can search for goods and services and compare between multiple suppliers. Now business shopping is as intuitive and easy as the consumer shopping experience that your users are already familiar with.

Vroozi Invoice

With Vroozi Invoice, you can seamlessly track and 3-way check all purchasing documents from Purchase Orders and Goods Receipts to Invoices. Digital invoices can capture conflicts and help you avoid costly over-payments or paying duplicate invoices. Invoicing adds the final document piece for purchasing peace-of-mind.

Vroozi Analytics

Spend Management Strategy can only be successful when it is measurable. Vroozi Analytics gives you the ability to see your spend in real-time with actionable dashboards. These analytics give you the feedback to know if you are on track and even predict if you will meet your spend management goals.

Vroozi Express

Vroozi Express supercharges your legacy procurement system. While ERP systems can be very powerful, they can also be complex and difficult to use. Vroozi Express allows you to use an easy purchasing interface that connects to your ERP for accelerated ERP success.

Vroozi Integration

If your new technology doesn’t get along with your old technology, you will lose considerable value in one or both systems. That’s why Vroozi Integration allows you to connect all your existing systems for a simple, powerful procurement solution.

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