Fully Automated
Procure-to-Pay Platform

Grow faster and more profitably with a complete purchasing and AP solution – purchase, invoice, expense and pay.

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Fully Automated
Procure-to-Pay Platform

Grow faster and more profitably with a complete purchasing and AP solution – purchase, invoice, expense and pay.

Simplify the way you buy.

Make business buying easier. Easily search for goods and services, submit purchase requests and approve orders with the click of a button. Vroozi Purchase allows you to shop and approve orders from any device, at any time, and tracks all relevant information in a central, easy-to-use platform.

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Leave paper invoicing in the past.

Seamlessly track, control and confirm what you are buying. Vroozi Invoice’s 3-way check captures conflicts, helps you avoid overpayments and reduces duplicates. Get rid of the paper. Reduce your cost per invoice. And take back your day.

Payments for the Modern World.

Automate payments with Vroozi Pay. Schedule or automate payments digitally, reduce your cost per invoice and increase spend controls.

Give your employees a marketplace they will actually use.

Access all your suppliers and catalogs in a single place. Vroozi Marketplace seamlessly unifies finance, procurement, employees and key suppliers on a single digital platform – making life easier for everyone. It’s the most nimble, flexible and modern marketplace there is.

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Make smarter financial decisions.

Get real-time insight into how much you’re spending, with what suppliers and whether or not you’re on target. Vroozi Analytics gives you the insight and transparency you need to confidently make investment, budgeting and spend decisions.


Realize more savings. Create more procurement value.

You worked hard to negotiate savings and find the best suppliers. Vroozi ensures you capture that value by augmenting your financial and ERP system with a nimble, flexible and user-friendly catalog system that employees will actually use. Vroozi ERP and financial system add-ons are fast-to-deploy and easy-to-implement and integrate. Vroozi pays for itself by boosting adoption, reducing rogue spending and increasing realized savings.

Simplify expense reporting.

Make life easier – on you and your employees – with Vroozi Expense. Eliminate reimbursement surprises, centrally track receipts and expense reports, and equip your employees to submit reports anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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