Vroozi Purchase At-A-Glance

A true procurement platform should not limit usage to a few approvers.

From searching for items and services, submitting purchase requests, approving requests, to suppliers signing purchase orders and invoicing, anyone can accomplish these tasks on the Vroozi Procurement Platform from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Vroozi is purchase order platform to empower procurement teams.

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Vroozi adds Digital Payment to the Procure-to-Pay platform designed to reduce paper check costs and deliver rebates on business purchasing.

Across the payment process, there are challenges for both the Buyer (Payer) and the Supplier (Payee).

These challenges can be eliminated with Vroozi’s new Digital Payment capability. Reduction in paper check processing costs, an increase in digital payments and the opportunity to realize rebates provide both buyers and suppliers significant new value.

The Vroozi Procure-to-Pay platform is designed to digitize the purchase, invoice and payment cycle while making it very easy for your employees to manage business buying.

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Same procure-to-pay experience across all devices

Build it once, use it on any device. With an increasingly mobile workforce, productivity can continue wherever the employee might be. No matter the device, specialists can complete any part of the procurement process from any connected location. In any situation, procurement is covered.

Purchase Order Software from any Device!

Be Where Your Users Are


Receive and sign purchase orders


Enable users to search and requests items wherever they are

Reduce Cycle Time


Double authentication ensures approval


Never let your office walls slow down your procurement process

Visibility at Your Fingertips


Spend visibility allows you to make the right decision instantly


User analytics help you shop smarter

Speed up the purchasing process and reduce errors

With 3 clicks, users can select the item with details from their marketplace, move it to a request, and submit it for approval.

Manage budget and prevent fraudulent or unauthorized activity

Centralize your organizational spending in a single, unified location. Make sound, budgeted purchasing decisions through a fast, efficient approval process. Prevent unauthorized account activity with business security processes tight on protection—not on your wallet.

Vroozi delivers an enterprise-level platform with many beneficial features on a budget-conscious price tag: approval workflow, notifications, system alerts, dual-factor authentication, budget-balancing, content security, and more.

Launch a thriving marketplace in a day with self-service configuration

Looking for instant gratification? Looking for an instant ROI? Simply input your company information and your marketplace is ready to use. If you have negotiated supplier catalog content or require more complex business and procurement rules, allow us to further configure your system and tailor it to the exact specifications of your business needs.

Create your procurement environment once and optimize for all devices

With the evolving proliferation of devices, why would organizations waste time, money, and energy managing multiple versions of enterprise applications? Vroozi’s procurement platform renders the same marketplace console in perfect optimization for all devices.

Straightforward monthly subscription with no hidden cost

Vroozi offers complete pricing visibility for businesses of all sizes. No hidden fees, fine print, or asterisks—just simple, transparent monthly pricing.

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